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Benefits of passion fruit seeds

Benefits of passion fruit seeds

Ms. Sanchez: Look, manita, Alfredo often comes back from work well stressed out.

Ms. Delgado: My old man was like that too.

Ms. Sanchez: But very stressed and nervous. He cannot sit down, he smokes and goes from one place to another, sometimes shouting at me and sometimes he gets violent at times. For the nerves, for the stress of work and for not bringing wool.

Ms. Delgado: Well, you have to help him calm down. I tell you, Roberto was like that, too.

Ms. Sanchez: What happened to the doctor, or what?

Mrs. Delgado: No, little lady, doctors! … With pure passion fruit tea, you calm down.

Ms. Sanchez: Really? How do I do it?

Mrs. Delgado: Look, when your old man arrives from work, you already have his little boy ready. You do it with a few leaves or flowers and a little honey. Sometimes it takes a little time to work. In the meantime you could massage the neck and shoulders to help your nervous system relax.

Ms. Sanchez: Ah, well. I’ll try it today. Thank you, Berta.

Ms. Delgado: Good luck, Tare.

Uses for Making a Tea:

Boil tenderly 4 cups of water with a small bundle of leaves and flowers for 15 minutes. Filter and take it hot.


Hot Fruit Sauce to Serve French toast or Hotcakes


2 apples

4-6 passion fruit (the pulp)

¼ cup water

2 bananas

1 tablespoon honey

2 oranges ground walnuts

How to prepare

Cut apples, bananas, and oranges into small pieces. Put them in a frying pan with the water and cook them tenderly until they begin to decompose. Do not boil the mixture! After about 10 minutes, add the passion fruit and continue cooking for 5 more minutes. Before removing it from the heat, add the honey for a few minutes. Put it on the hotcakes or French toast with a few walnuts ground for decoration.

This recipe is super good for diabetics when it is made without honey.

Benefits of passion fruit seeds

Scientific research shows that passion flower is a sedative. It is very good for tension, nerves and insomnia. An infusion made from branches and leaves or flowers is used as a sedative because of the presence of the harm line alkaloid. It alleviates dysentery (diarrhoea with stomach pain), neuralgia (pain of nerves), painful menstruation, heart palpitations, mental fatigue, insomnia, menopause and high blood pressure.

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