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Best things to do when you have a headache

Best things to do when you have a headache

There are many different types of headaches: tension, migraine and allergic pain, etc. Best things to do when you have a headache, One may have a mild or severe headache, or the pain may be frontal or from the occidental region of the head. It can be a mild or “slow” pain or a sharp, almost unbearable pain. It can be an intense and intermittent pain, a throbbing pain, a pressure pain or a penetrating pain. A headache is not a disease, but a symptom, which indicates that something is wrong in the body and requires attention.

A headache is like the red warning light inside a car. If you ignore this light when it lights up, you will not have gotten far when your car engine stops working. If you ignore a headache (which is an internal warning device), your body will also stop working properly. When a person has a headache, his body is trying to tell him that something is wrong. You may be constipated, or not getting enough sleep or eating wrongly, or under too much stress, or not getting enough water, or breathing poisoned air, or taking the wrong medications, etc. Sometimes it is difficult to find the cause of the headaches, so one has to analyse carefully their lifestyle and be willing to make any necessary changes.

Best things to do when you have a headache

Monosodium glutamate (M.S.G.) also causes headaches in sensitive individuals. Many who read food labels will not be aware that MSG can be indicated as “flavouring,” “natural flavouring,” or “hydrolysed vegetable protein.” The hydrolysed vegetable protein may be from 10% -30% M.S.G. (Headache 31: 107-110, 1991).

Three of the biggest causes of headache are: constipation, dehydration and stress. When one is constipated, the waste matter in the colon is damaged and it goes into putrefaction by staying too long in the body. The blood capillaries of the colon begin to collect toxins and poisons in the colon. These enter the bloodstream (causing many problems) and are carried to all parts of the body, including the brain where it develops a headache. Two factors that will combat constipation are: drink plenty of water, and consume natural foods. Set aside concentrated refined foods. (There is no food that causes more constipation than cheese).

Failure to consume enough water is another major cause of headache. The human brain is composed of more than 80% water and when a person does not drink enough water, he will have a headache. We should all take at least two litters of water daily.

Stress is another major factor in tension headaches. When we are under stress we must learn to take our problems to the Lord who can give us wisdom to know how to avoid or deal with tension situations. Two things we can do to relieve these types of headaches are: stay in a tub full of warm water for half an hour and drink a tea of ​​red sage or basil, which is excellent for tension headaches.

Other simple ways to relieve headaches are a foot bath with warm water alone or with a spoonful of mustard seed in the water and simultaneously placing a cold compress on the head for 20 minutes. Two other herbs to prepare a tea, useful for these headaches are mint and wormwood. He Absinthe is especially good for severe headaches and congestion.

 In conclusion, keep in mind that headaches are only the warning that something is wrong. Living naturally and healthily and learning to carry our burdens to the Lord will eliminate many of the stressful situations in our lives, and will help us to solve them, in a calm way will minimise the headaches.

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