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Calaguala health benefits

Calaguala health benefits

Calaguala health benefits

CALAGUALA (Polipodium m_hesperium, Polipodium aureun L.), has as active principles: Calagualina, polypodine, fatty acids and tannin’s. It works as an immunomodulator, stimulates the action of T lymphocytes.

Popular Recipes

1: For infections in the kidneys, rhizomes are used in decoction. Usually about 6 per litre of water. It is taken during the day for 5 days.

2: For inflammation, it is placed as plaster over the inflamed area and the previous dose is drunk for 3 days. It has a mechanism of action similar to contortionists. Toxicology: May cause irritation of the gastric mucous. A potentiating effect of digitalis and the induction of mild hyperglycemia in diabetics have been described. Blood glucose levels should be monitored and insulin doses adjusted if necessary.


It is found in all humid and shady areas with some light, protected area and buffer zone, especially on decomposing logs and rocks, almost always in the company of other ferns, as well as orchids and broadsides.


It does not exist as a crop at present, but could easily become one using the delicate hairy stems that give rise to the leaves. For this cultivation it should be done on rocks or logs, on leafy land, in an area with adequate light, humidity and shade, or in furrows of logs and rocks covered with saran to avoid excessive sun and evaporation.


Harvested stems or rhizomes, which are dried in the shade. Rhizomes the size of an adult person’s finger are sought for to be exploitable

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