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Can you use aloe Vera straight from the plant

Can you use aloe Vera straight from the plant

Jesus: Mom, I burned my hand! Oh! It hurts!

Mrs. Perez: Do not cry, kid. Let me see. Poor thing … we fixed it right now.

Jesus: Are you going to put ice or butter on me?

Mrs. Perez: No, no, those are not good. Put it under cold water while I look for aloe.

Jesus: Ah … it does not hurt me so much with the water.

Ms. Perez: Well, since I have the aloe Vera cut and ready, let me put it on.

Jesus: Now you feel a little better.

Mrs. Perez: Well, it’s going to hurt for a while. But it will improve faster with aloe.

Jesus: How good that we have the aloe here by hand!

Ms. Perez: Yes, why do you think everyone has it near the door? It is because aloe Vera is great for many other things as well as haemorrhoids, ulcers and many skin problems. How do you feel now? Does it still hurt a lot?

Jesus: It almost does not hurt. Thanks Mom.

Uses When to Burn:

Put the burned part in cold water and after removing it from the water, open the aloe leaf and apply its gel and liquid immediately.

For a Sunburn: Put the liquid coming from the inside of the aloe leaf into the affected parts.

When You Have a Fever: Fluid may also be applied to the forehead for fever.

To Relieve Inflamed Intestines and Constipation: Take one tablespoon of the leaf pulp 3 times per day.

EYE! Do not eat too much because it will give you a stomach ache.

For Haemorrhoids: Put a piece of the pulp on the leaf just in the anus at night, every night, until symptoms disappear.

Can you use aloe Vera straight from the plant

According to medical studies, aloe Vera is the best remedy for any type of burn, including radiation. It is also very good inwardly for the intestines and ulcers. The yellow juice closest to the skin of the leaf is more laxative. Aloe stimulates the improvement of any infection or cut of skin so that it does not leave scars. It is also used to treat haemorrhoids, constipation, and for intestinal worms and bacterial infections

EYE! Do not eat aloe during pregnancy

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