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Cause and effect of obesity articles

Cause and effect of obesity articles

62% of Americans are overweight – this means that it is more than one in two people in the United States. Since intemperance in eating is such a big problem, I feel compelled to write about it. After 20 years of following a diet, according to a national survey the average American now has 5 pounds more. The American Seating Company, one of the world’s leading chair manufacturers, has expanded its standard two-inch seats to accommodate the ever-expanding American body.

Cause and effect of obesity articles

People are worried about their weight. According to a recent survey sponsored by the Calorie Control Council, 40-50% of those aged 35-59 were on a diet.

There is a difference between being overweight. If you can pinch an inch of fat on your lower rib, you are overweight; and you will be obese if you are 20% or more overweight than your size and shape. For every extra pound of weight, you shorten your life expectancy by one month; so someone who has 24 pounds of excess weight will die two prematurely. If you are obese, you are 3 times more likely to develop diabetes, and you are likely to develop osteoarthritis and low back pain. You will be more likely to develop colon cancer, breast, prostate, cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancer. As the statistics clearly show, having an overweight of 20% or more will prevent good health.

The reason that 62% of our population is overweight is because of our traditional eating habits. The Americans eat a great breakfast; a great lunch, a great dinner, and the rest of them have a picnic lunch. You spend much more time ingesting than eliminating so that we carry too much fat. When a man does not follow the natural laws of health, which God has given him, then he will reap what he has sown.

Man believes that he can place large amounts of natural or artificial food in his body and not have to take responsibility for the illnesses he carries on himself by his own inappropriate or erroneous decisions.

If we eat food three times a day we should have 3 stools a day.

When natural elimination is difficult, then a special method for the cleaning of the body of these toxic substances, through sneezing, colds, secretions of the nose or eyes, sores and diseases of the skin of many kinds, such as pimples, blackheads, boils, abscesses and varicose ulcerations.

Poor or poor habits in eating and consuming medications prevent our body from staying clean. Many of these toxins end up stored in our bodies as fat, or in our organs, as in the kidneys in the form of kidney stones, or in the gallbladder, such as gallstones; or in our arteries in the form of plaques that can produce infarction or cerebrovascular disease. All these diseases and many more, are the result of an inappropriate feeding that has as consequence the development of a high accumulation of toxins in the body.

It is important that bodily fluids, which contribute to vital processes, are all alkaline except gastric juice; and with which the waste fluids are all acidic, such as urine, sweat, etc. These acidic products must be eliminated because the healthy state of the body is a state of alkalinity. If the tissues of the body become acidic, disease occurs. This accumulation of toxins in the body is the result of consuming too much concentrated food. Ideally, we should be consuming a diet consisting of 80% of alkali-forming food, 20% of food acid builders, as well as a limited amount of high-concentration foods (those with low water content).

First let’s look at some acid-forming foods: meat, eggs, all grains (except mill and buckwheat), and all walnuts (except Brazil nuts) these foods should constitute 20% of our diet, except meat and eggs which we should NEVER use. The other 80% of our diet should consist of all alkali-forming foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Concentrated foods (those with low or no water content) should be eaten with moderation, while fresh fruits and vegetables have high water content and can be consumed in large quantities. Taking into account the high percentage of water that forms our body, and then we must consume large quantities of fruits and vegetables which in turn have high percentage of water. The water in the food we eat transports nutrients from food to every cell in the body, and simultaneously eliminates toxic waste.

As we can see, for optimal health we need to eat foods consisting mainly of 80% fruits and vegetables, and 20% acid forming foods such as grains and nuts and that concentrated foods (low-water foods) should be consumed in limited quantities).

As you consume more fresh natural foods, your calorie intake will be reduced; however, you will feel full or satisfied. For example, an apple has 80 calories and is 83% water and is alkaline, as opposed to a serving of apple cake, which has 405 calories, has low water content and is both alkaline (apple) and acid mass of the cake). If we follow these outlines our eliminations will eventually normalize, our bodies will be able to get rid of the great excess weight and toxins and we will begin to lose weight and feel in very good shape.

So far, we have only looked at the physical disadvantages of overweight; but that there are of the emotional disadvantages. People who are overweight or obese as a general rule, they are unsafe because of their weight, they do not feel accepted. Inwardly they are not happy, even though many try to pretend otherwise. When it comes to physical activities are not at all ambitious. Because of their weight problems they are not happy with themselves; and consequently they are not happy with others. They also tend to be highly emotional; and most are unable to control their genius.

These are just some of the mental disadvantages associated with overweight and obesity. Personally I believe that through the power of prayer, and following God, a person can achieve victory and become temperate in his appetite; and this will change you spiritually, mentally and physically. Then they will be the happy, healthy people God has always wanted them to be.

As beings created by God we have been commanded: “If then ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” One of my favourite authors, EG White wrote in one of her books (Diet Councils, pp. 69-70): “The dominant power of appetite will cause the ruin of thousands of people who, if they had vanquished at that point, would have had moral strength to gain victory over all the other temptations of Satan. But those who are slaves of the appetite will not reach to perfect the Christian character. The continual transgression of man for six thousand years has produced disease, pain, and death. And as we approach the end, the temptation to indulge our appetite will be more powerful and difficult to overcome. ”

It takes willpower and determination with the help of God to overcome the appetite. Just like any habit you want to overcome you should plan a strategy so you do not relapse again and again. What can you do when you are hungry and tempted to be intemperate? Taking a bucket of water can replace the craving for food. Considering that dehydration stimulates the desire for food, it is vital to consume enough water each day. You will realize that if you take your share of water between periods of food (a minimum of 8 sacks daily) you will be satisfied and less likely to want to eat between normal mealtimes.

Because exercise helps to minimize hunger, taking a brisk walk outdoors, outdoors is an excellent help during working hours or whenever the time is limited, even a few minutes of fresh air can rejuvenate and divert the mind from food. Distraction tactics are also very helpful such as going to visit a friend, working in the garden or shopping.

Firstly exercising in the morning increases the body’s metabolic function by burning calories to almost double the speed in the next seven hours. Exercise stimulates your metabolism and increases your ability to “burn” calories. Exercise should be a major ingredient in any weight loss program. Ideal weight chart taken from Stanley’s Heart Disease Book page 84. + Age 25 years and older.


To determine if your structure is small, medium, or large, surround your wrist with your thumb and middle or heart fingers. If the middle finger and thumb cannot touch, you are large in structure; if they touch, you are of medium structure; if they come to cross, one on top of the other you are of small structure.

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