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Cecropia peltata medicinal uses

Cecropia peltata medicinal uses

Cecropia peltata medicinal uses

Cecropia peltata, in Nicaragua we have the genus Cecropia with 4 species. Two of them, resting in the territory of the Reserve and its buffer zone, are: Cecropia obtusifolia-Guardroom‖, from the lowlands of Mexico to Panama. Cecropia peltata -Gun room, native of Mexico to South America. Salt leaves are eaten by cattle and used to wrap cheeses (Caceres 1999). The fibre of its stem is used for ropes; its stems are used for plumbing (Williams 1981).

The stem and root bark contains cecropin, which is cardio tonic and diuretic, which tones the heart and kidneys. The leaf contains ambiance, camphol, grantor, limonene, linalool, 2-pinene, phenol compounds, frolic acid, ham uric acid, and lapel and sits sterol.

The hollow stems are used to make pipes to transport water, the leaves are used to pack curds and in cooking is said to be good in case of asthma. The coal of the wood is said to be excellent for the manufacture of gunpowder.

Popular Recipes

1: Leaves with salt are accepted by cows and food avidly. If cows after delivery have not been able to expel the pair or placenta, they are given leaves of gun room with salt and the pair or placentas are expelled very easily (Stanley & Calderon 1925).

2: For the treatment of infections in the kidneys, about 8 pieces of shells, 10cm each, are used to soak for 2 days in a litre of water, 3 times a day.

3: In Mexico, the milky and caustic liquid produced by the stem is used to destroy warts.

4: Cooking leaves (1 leaf per litre of water) works well in asthma and other nerve diseases (Martinez 1936). Traditional medicine agents use 3 cups a day of this infusion.

5: To treat stomach ache and to calm the nerves is made horchata leaves and drink when needed.

6: To treat urinary problems and whooping cough, root decoction is used. As in all infections, a systematic treatment of at least 5 days, 3 or 4 times a day is required. A piece of root about 20 cm, well chopped, per litre of water is used.


It is found throughout the territory, but more in the areas undergoing and with some process of recovery.

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