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Herbal remedies for arthritis in hands

Herbal remedies for arthritis in hands

What is arthritis?

Is inflammation of the joints, usually accompanied by pain with frequent changes in the structure of the involved bones? The two main types of arthritis are: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease that involves joints especially those that carry the weight of the body. It is characterised by the degeneration of the auricular cartilage, which is due to the excessive growth of the bone with formation of spurs. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease characterised by inflammatory changes in joints and related structures that result in paralysing deformities.


One of the theories most concerning to the causes of arthritis is that it relates arthritis to psychological or emotional problems. This is not a new idea because there are studies on the subject that were made in 1935; certain kinds of thoughts produce hormones that tend to destroy the health of the mind and body. These include hatred, anxiety, jealousy, anger, fear, envy, agitation, prolonged or abnormal sexual stimulation, excessive ambition, worry, etc. The opposite is also true, that positive thoughts and emotions produce hormones that tend to develop the health of the mind and the body. So choose to have happy thoughts and help your body enjoy better health.

Although our emotions and thoughts can affect our health, poor nutrition is poorly the most important factor for the development of arthritis. An unbalanced diet of unnatural or over-refined foods, such as sugar, chocolate, soft drinks, cakes, refined biscuits and unhealthy cakes, etc., combined with non-food items such as coffee, tobacco, irritating species, cause a reduction of the system of defences of the body. This will eventually lead to pathological changes in the joints and tissues of the body.


In conclusion, the first step in an effective program of help for a person with arthritis is to guide them in their psychological or emotional problems to adopt a complete change of nutritional pattern. Arthritis can be overcome only by reconstructing and restoring the general health of the arthritic. Arthritis is an excess of acids and waste materials in the body. A deficient diet fills the system with uric acid and poisons which are impossible to eliminate by the liver, kidneys and bladder.


The balance of body chemistry is of utmost importance for maintaining health and correcting diseases. Acidosis or too much acidity in the tissues of the body is one of the basic causes of many diseases, especially arthritis. It is therefore of vital importance that there is an appropriate ratio between acidic foods and alkenes in the diet. The natural proportion for an individual is 4: 1 – 4 alkaline parts for an acidic part, or 80% to 20% when this proportion is conserved, the body has a strong resistance to the disease.

Fresh fruits and Vegetables

The ideal diet for arthritis is a diet high in food producing alkalis, fresh fruits and vegetables and low in protein, not using any meat or animal product, since the meat is rich in pureness, the end product of digestion of the nuclei proteins.

These are broken down to form uric acid that is harmful to the arthritic. Animal products such as cheese, milk, eggs and butter that are high in fat; and fats interfere with urine removal of urates. And therefore they should be limited when attempting to promote the elimination of uric acid.

The alkaline action of raw fruits and vegetables helps dissolve the build-up of deposits around the joints and help lower the high uric acidity of the body. All meats and animal products are of high degree of acidity and as stated above should be completely eliminated. All nuts, except the almonds and walnuts of Brazil, are acid-forming; and all grains are acid-forming except buckwheat and mile. These acid-forming foods should be consumed in VERY LIMITED amounts when you have arthritis. Two very beneficial foods to combat arthritis are cherries and sprouts of alfalfa.

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It is very important to avoid constipation in all cases of illness. If we eat 3 times a day we must have 3 deposits a day. Most people with constipation problems are not getting enough water. A person should drink a minimum of two litters of distilled water daily. Distilled water absorbs many of the toxic substances, inorganic minerals, etc. and removes them from the body.


Aspirin is a drug that has had the longest use to relieve arthritis pains. Aspirin is an irritant to the lining of the stomach, a strong irritant that is not recommended for patients with ulcers. Taking aspirin can cause any or all of the following symptoms: nausea, heartburn, stomach pain, deafness, dizziness, tinnitus, intestinal bleeding, or bleeding in other parts of the body. Aspirin destroys vitamin K which contributes to blood clotting.


The announcement of the discovery of cortisone was greeted with great jubilation and emotion by doctors and arthritic patients. The immobile joints became mobile and painless, and paralysed patients could walk. For millions of people around the world with arthritis, cortisone offered great promise that an effective remedy against the disease had finally been discovered. But the great enthusiasm was replaced by a cruel disappointment. Soon it became evident that “The remedy was worse than the disease”. Cortisone has caused so many toxic reactions and dangerous side effects that it is now considered “out of place” for the treatment of arthritis. Instead of drugs, God has given us herbs for healing the body. Two of these, which are particularly beneficial for arthritis with burdock root and holy stick. For best results use them in the form of tea. Boil distilled water remove from heat, add 1-2 teaspoons of boiling water for 8onz, let stand for 20 minutes or more, strain and take.

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