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How to reduce diabetes type 1, 2 by home remedies

How to reduce diabetes type 1, 2 by home remedies

Nearly 10 million people in the United States suffer from Diabetes, although they are almost always unaware of what they are suffering from. Three out of 10 diabetics are hospitalised annually. Eight out of 10 diabetics develop vision problems. Diabetes is the leading cause of currently declining visual decline. Diabetics are 18 times more likely to develop severe kidney damage than non-diabetics; 25% of renal dialysis patients are diabetic. Diabetes exceeds twice the risk of heart disease and thrombosis.

How to reduce diabetes type 1, 2 by home remedies

There are two types of diabetes, type I diabetes is called insulin-dependent juvenile, or juvenile diabetes. The onset is sudden in children and adolescents and accounts for approximately 20% of all known cases of diabetes. Type II diabetes is known as adult diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes. This type affects people of middle age or older. Of this group at least 90% is obese.


The most common symptoms of diabetes include: constant hunger, continual thirst, weakness, weight loss, mental depression, dry and red tongue, blindness, irritability, restlessness and poor circulation.

Not all of these symptoms are evident in all cases. The hormone level of sugar is 80 – 120mg / dl. But after a meal can rise up to 150mg / 100ml of blood. When blood sugar exceeds 180 it will spill into the urine. To eliminate sugar, water is taken from the tissues causing frequent elimination of urine and increased thirst. Often the appetite is increased because we are not making full use of the foods we normally eat. A diabetic coma is caused by insufficient insulin, which causes a high level of blood sugar. The symptoms are headaches, frequent urination and fatigue. The face becomes red and heated and the breath has a sweet smell. Nausea and vomiting sometimes occur. Breathing becomes rapid and pulse increases. If insulin and fluids are not immediately applied, the person will lose consciousness.

Insulin shock is caused by too much insulin causing low blood sugar. Its symptoms are nervousness, pallor, hunger, sweating. Without a complex carbohydrate (such as a ripe fruit), it is not given quickly to the individual becoming drowsy, disoriented, and eventually unconscious.

In 1981 diabetics in the United States needed the glands of 56 million animals to meet their insulin needs. To produce a single pound of animal insulin, needed to maintain approximately 750 diabetics for a single year, 8,000 pounds of glands of 23,500 animals were required. In the past, insulin was obtained in small quantities exclusively from the glands of pigs and cattle supplied by slaughterhouses.

Insulin, a preparation used in the medical treatment of diabetes, is prepared from animal pancreas, usually pork or beef; human insulin is also available. ORINASE, TOLINASE, DIABENESE, or DYMELOR are oral medications that many type II diabetics consume. These medications are not insulin but are drugs that stimulate pancreatic insulin production. There are many natural ways to stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin without having to take drugs that have side effects.


Diet – There is no known remedy that cures diabetes without a parallel reform to the lines that caused it. The first dietary consideration for diabetes should be a strictly vegetarian diet, low in calories, alkaline, high quality in natural foods, abundant whole grains, bran and oats are very beneficial in diabetes, just like raw vegetables of all kinds – Purple cabbage, cauliflower, watercress, sprouts and cabbages of Bruce as, Quimbombos, cucumbers, cucumbers, onions, etc. Great emphasis is placed on raw foods as they stimulate the pancreas and increase insulin production. Beans in juice, like cucumber, contain a hormone necessary for pancreas cells to produce insulin. No sugar should be used. When sugar is consumed and it is absorbed into the bloodstream you want insulin and an element called chromium to mobilize sugar from the bloodstream to the cells where it can be burned as energy. Consequently the sugar will increase in the bloodstream and cannot move towards the cells. When insulin is applied the sugar can move into the cells and the sugar level in the bloodstream will go down if the chromium is needed, the sugar will rise again, because the sugar is still not able to enter the cells. Chromium is available in many natural foods (especially whole grains), but most are eliminated when food is refined.

The average American diet lacks chromium. At birth we have a good supply of chromium, but as we grow we gradually lose it if we feed properly. Most elderly individuals have chromium deficiency why does this occur?

When you eat refined sugar, the consumption of chromium is required. If you do not consume chrome with the feed, the available chrome stored in the body will wear out. As a result chromium is gradually discharged and disease is present.

What about the fresh fruits and the sugar they contain? Fresh fruits of all kinds are excellent for diabetics.

Fresh fruit sugar is fruitful and very different from refined table sugar (sugar sucrose), when we consume sugar or starch our body breaks it down into simple sugar and the blood leads to the body cells. For this simple sugar to enter cells needs insulin and chromium but if it has eaten only fruitful sugar the good kind found only in fresh fruits, insulin is not required for sugar to enter the cells. This is why a diabetic can eat all the fresh fruit you want but no canned fruit or frozen juices (even if they are supposed to be all natural). All these are refined; have been heated (even frozen) and their assimilation by a diabetic is difficult.

Do not use free fats – just the natural fats as found in avocados, nuts, etc. Recent studies indicate that excessive fat consumption can reduce the number of receptors and / or deactivate them. This results in the gradual accumulation of sugar in the bloodstream. Dr. James Anderson, one of the world’s most respected authorities in the field of diabetes, conducted a study with Dr. KIEHM. Thirteen diabetics removed 34% of fat, 23% of dietary protein recommended by the American Diabetic Association and fed them a 9% fat diet, mainly natural high in fibber and carbohydrate food. Blood sugar levels dropped significantly in all thirteen patients. The 5 patients taking oral drugs and 4 of the 8 insulin-dependent patients were able to discontinue their medication completely.

Diabetics should eliminate the use of baking powder or soda because they decrease the activity of pancreatic juices that are used in the body to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates the pancreas is an organ of the most important digestion.

Fasting is not usually recommended for diabetics. Avoid all stress and mental stress. Avoid constipation; the intestines should be kept clean, with at least three large bowel movements every day. This is imperative to improve health.


Tea, made from any of the following herbs will be beneficial: raspberry leaves, dandelion root.

Mix one teaspoon into 8 oz. Of distilled water. Leave on infusion for 20 minutes or more. Take 3 wells per day.


Exercise will lower blood sugar allowing the diabetic to require less insulin (3). Deep breathing and plenty of physical exercise will help keep the fire burning from metabolic processes, and this will reduce the need for insulin.


The direct effect of sunlight on the metabolism of sugar in the body is parallel to that of insulin. Sunlight facilitates the absorption of glucose into the body’s cells and stimulates the body to convert its blood sugar (glucose) into stored sugar (glycogen) (4). This is minimal in a normal but very important person in a diabetic. A diabetic should gradually expose his or her body to sunlight. Diabetics who decide to take sunbathing should always keep in touch with their doctor as their insulin dose will have to decrease.

 In conclusion, diabetes is unknown in countries where people cannot afford to overeat. Americans may be the richest in the world, but they are also the sickest people. In the United States, a new diabetic is diagnosed every 50 seconds. I want to exhort everyone to eat in moderation, only those natural and integral things. My desire for each of you is found in 3 John 2: “Beloved, I desire that you may prosper in all things, and that you may be in health, just as your soul prospers.”

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