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Iron ore health benefits

Iron ore health benefits

Dona Sara: Good afternoon, Patty. How are you?

Dona Patricia: Well, more or less Sara. I have a headache, but very strong, because my stomach hurts.

Dona Sara: Have you had tea?

Dona Patricia: Yes, but it did not help me much.

Dona Sara: But what did you take it for?

Dona Patricia: No, I do not have it.

Dona Sara: Well that’s what you need. The rue is very good for headaches. I do have it in my house. I’m going to look for it and I’ll come back right away.

Dona Patricia: Thank you, Sara, I thank you.

Uses to Make a Tea:

Put a small leaf or root in 2 cups of water to boil. Filter it and take it. Tea on the skin can also be used on bites of vines, spiders, and scorpions.

Iron ore health benefits

Scientific studies show that rue is a natural painkiller (it kills pain.) It is also good for eliminating intestinal worms and is analytic, that is, it reduces anxiety. Relieves menstrual cramps and stomach aches, removes warts and decreases sciatic pain. An infusion of leaves is also done as an antidote against scorpion and spider bites, and snake bites. Apply the leaves to the affected area after having used them for tea.

EYE! The rue can cause miscarriages or haemorrhages when taken in large quantities. Pregnant women should not use a lot of rue.

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