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Lampayo health benefits

Lampayo health benefits

Lampayo health benefits

Lampayo Lampaya medicinalis F. Phil.

Vernacular names: lampaya, lampayo.

Description: shrub low, up to 50 cm. Scaly stalk with reddish bark. Leaves smooth, thick, whole, opposite, shortly etiolated, orbicular to lawn, small, 7-8 x 4-5 mm. Tubular, violet flowers, up to 10 mm long. The fruit is a walnut surrounded by the fleshy chalice.


Folk medicine uses leaves; there is no history of the anatomy of this part of the plant. Traditional use: the infusion of lampaya leaves is used to relieve bone pain; also in conditions of the prostate, renal and urinary tract disorders; the inhabitants of the north consider it a refreshing plant; in other parts of the country they also use it in liver and billiard disorders. Commercial presentation: only rustic use. Agronomic aspects: the lampaya (a word native to the Asmara language and Quechua) is a shrub of the Carapace mountain range, where it is a dominant species of the Pune area, i.e. a common plant in the pupa of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. There is no history of cultivation or domestication.

Traditional uses

Kidney, urinary tract and prostate disorders; hepatic diseases; dyspepsia. The infusion is prepared with 1 tablespoon of the vegetable for 1 liter of freshly boiled water: drink 1 cup 3 times in the day.


depurative1, refreshing2, stomach3


These products have the character of symptomatic auxiliaries and do not replace what the doctor indicated in the treatment of an illness. When you see your doctor, tell him or her that you are using this medicinal herb. Avoid preparation in aluminium utensils.

Other background

Its use is endorsed only by tradition.

  1. It cleanses impurities of blood and other bodily humours.
  2. Moderate body heat. 3. It promotes digestion.

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