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Nopal benefits health for all

Nopal benefits health for all

Gloria: What are you cooking, Auntie?

Aunt Carmen: I’m making a hasp of no pales.

Gloria: Why do you always make no pales?

 Aunt Carmen: Because you’re Uncle Arthur has a high blood sugar level, and we do not want him to have diabetes.

Gloria: And what does it have to do with eating no pales?

Aunt Carmen: Well, the nopal is very good for preventing and treating diabetes. And remember that we also cook it and use it in plasters for cuts and wounds, like the time when Joseph fell, do you remember?

Gloria: Oh, yes, I remember.

Aunt Carmen: And apart from all that, the nopal has many vitamins and tastes delicious, does not it? Gloria: Yes, I’m going to tell my mom to make more no pales. See you later, Auntie.

Aunt Carmen: Go on, militia.


Recipe: Nopal Smooth to Prevent Diabetes


¼ cup of shelled cucumber

¼ cup of chayote without spines in shell

1 clean noodles chambray juice of 1 orange

½ cup of pineapple

½ cup of water

How to prepare

Blend all ingredients, one by one. Take it with breakfast, no paste. Enjoy its effect and taste!

In some parts of Mexico, the nopal is used as forage for cattle and dairy. The one as forage for cattle and dairy. The butter acquires a very pleasant colour and the milk has little fat.

Nopal benefits health for all

Medical studies say that nopal is very effective in preventing and treating diabetes because it helps lower blood sugar. It is also very useful for relieving constipation, problems with the intestines, arthritis, and rheumatic inflammations, to kill intestinal worms and to lower body weight and cholesterol. Nopals have proteins, vitamins, minerals, alkaloids and fibber. In addition, pales have high amounts of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. Tunas are also sources of vitamins.

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