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Small birch trees

Small birch trees

Vernacular name: birch.

Depiction: tree up to 20 meters high, with white bark and broke at the base of the storage compartment. Deciduous, rhomboidal to triangular leaves, finishing off with pointed, serrated edges, smooth and spread nerves. Little greenish blooms that have the refinement of being conceived before the leaves grow. The natural product has three projections. The seeds, pretty much oval, are enveloped by a case with two little wings twice its width.

Small birch trees

Well, known to utilize: the leaves are normally utilized, albeit at times additionally the bark, in the treatment of kidney issue, because of their diuretic and disinfectant properties of the urinary tract and in rheumatic distresses; It is likewise utilized as a febrifuge and for the control of non-insulin-subordinate diabetes. The mixture of the leaves, in addition, is utilized to wash and treat wounds, and through flushing to forestall balding.

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Pharmacodynamics: The nearness of salicylates and methyl salicylate in the bark of this plant enable us to clarify a portion of its prevalent employment.

Suggestions: maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of birch arrangements in instances of edema because of heartbrokenness and renal disappointment.

Business introduction: essentially natural utilize. In the market, there is a conditioner made with concentrates of Betula, horsetail, Aloe vera and calendula, and common substances.

Agronomic foundation: birch is a plant local to Central and Northern Asia, far-reaching in Europe, and in addition in the northern United States and Canada. In South America, it is found on a little scale. It is developed as an elaborate species for parks and gardens.

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It is a genuinely safe plant that develops quickly particularly in the main years. It doesn’t require especially rich soils, however, it is prudent that these be acidic, light, crisp, that dependably keep up a specific stickiness and that get a ton of light. Endures low temperatures well, however not the high or dry condition, so during dry season ought not to be dismissed water system. The pruning of the grown-up examples must be negligible since the most serious pruning can influence the tree to lose a great deal of sap. It is impervious to wind and contamination, yet not to parasites, which more often than not assault it effortlessly. It is increased by seeds in spring.

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