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The Temperance a Remedy for Diseases

“Every man who strives for perfection is temperate in all things.” 1 Corinthians 9:25. Our problems and illnesses are often the result of our intemperate habits. A man does not die; he kills himself, a healthy and happy person is one who is physically, mentally and spiritually well-balanced.

The Temperance a Remedy for Diseases

Temperance means self control or moderation in the complacency of good things and abstinence from that which is harmful. For a better understanding of temperance, I will divide this chapter into two sections. The First Part, deal with moderation in good things; and in its Second Part, I will refer to the abstinence of that which is harmful.


Most obese can improve their situation simply by reducing their food consumption and increasing physical activity. Eating too much can be the root cause of any number of diseases from gastric indigestion, obesity, heart disease, etc. The less active an individual is, the less food they require. Eating too much not only places undue burden on the digestive organs, but it weakens the whole body system making it more prone to disease. A person who can control his appetite is a self-disciplined individual.


Personal hygiene is currently another type of moderation, body hygiene and clothing. No one wants to be around another person who regularly does not bathe or wash their clothes. The hygiene of the house and belongings is also important. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of visiting someone whose house was so messy and messy that you could hardly walk past the front door? Many diseases are the result of poor grooming. Closely related to hygiene is the general harmony order. Keeping things organized and in order is stimulating our mental activity.


The maximum entertainment in the United States is Television. The average child watches more than 40 hours of television per week. That adds up to almost 6 hours a day. This can not considered as moderation and that is why we are having so many problems with our youth today: violence, sexual permissiveness, disrespect, lying, stealing, etc. What can we expect when they see this on TV for more than 40 hours each week? Television is a very poor element as a substitute for entertainment.

What happened to the days when families did things together, such as cycling, camping, hiking, father and son building something together, mother and daughter, making bread or a dress? What do most families do today? They watch television together, but there is no communication between them; everything is one way. Television is communicating their system of negative beliefs. Why do we have reading ability? Why do we have such a negative view of life? Why do we suffer from excess weight and lack of fitness? Why is our ability to concentrate so short? Why does life today seem so boring? The answer to all these questions and many more is: THE TELEVISION. As a country we have not been selective in quantity and quality of the T. V. programs we see. The Bible tells us that what we sow, we reap; and we here in the United States are now harvesting the results of inappropriate television programming. May God help us to see our mistakes?


Our bodies do not belong to us, to treat them as we please, to spoil them by habits that lead to their decomposition. The wonderful mechanism of the human body does not receive half the care that is often given to a mere inanimate machine. Our bodies belong to God, He has organized every fibber and nerve and every tendon and every muscle and will keep our bodies in perfect health if we are willing to cooperate with Him being temperate and obedient to His natural laws of health.

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