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Vitamin d benefits and side effects reviews

Vitamin D benefits and side effects reviews

Recent discoveries reveal that vitamin D is not so much vitamin as but good hormone. As we become aware of the complex roles of vitamin D as a hormone, we need to seriously consider the consumption of vitamin D supplements in our foods, such as milk, baby food, beverages, prepared cereals, flour, margarine, etc. With all this supplementation, the average per capita consumption is 2,435 U. I. per day or six times the recommended dose of 400 U. I. per day.

Vitamin d benefits and side effects reviews

Vitamin D intake in a pregnant woman’s diet has caused calcification in the kidneys and mental retardation in infants. Children of mothers who take extra Vitamin D in their diet may be born with some type of congenital heart weakness.

Many authorities have recommended that Vitamin D be removed from our food. Dr. Kinden, who gave a report from the University of Troms, said: “You should try to restrict the consumption of Vitamin D, from all sources.” Also recommended that Vitamin D should not be added as a supplement to foods of the British Medical Association (1950), the Nutrition Canada newsletter (1953), and the Academy of Paediatricians (1963) (1965).

From the University of Troms in Norway came a report saying that long-term consumption of Vitamin D, although it barely exceeds 400 U. I. recommended, can stimulate a heart attack. And not only that but also degenerative diseases in the joints and arthritis.

In a study done in England, Vitamin S obtained by exposing the skin to sunlight was far superior to that obtained by oral ingestion. (16) Ptomaine D is the natural, the sunlight. There is no scientific report that has shown that a toxic dose of vitamin D has been obtained from sunlight.

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